Lisbon is the westernmost European capital, and the only one overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. This gives the city a particular light and beautiful skies that tend to always be blue and clear. 

The most characteristic view of the city is certainly that of its numerous alleys crossed by the typical yellow tram, one of the symbols of the city. The houses seem to perch on top of each other and the ocean breeze carries ancient stories of fishermen and sailors in the air. In the common imagination, Lisbon has always been associated with melancolia, the famous “saudade,” but in reality, it is a very lively city that offers many things to do and see.

Lisbon is a lively and bustling city with an irresistible offer of numerous leisure and cultural events.

Lisboa is always evolving, renewing, and re-inventing itself. As a result,we have a vibrant city that effortlessly blends traditional heritage, with striking modernism creating a city of contrasts and a pure delight to discover at each step.

Lisbon, the City where tradition innovates!

Photo © Turismo de Lisboa