ICEAA GALA DINNER:  WEDNESDAY 7 SEPTEMBER 2022 – departure from Cape Town approx. 16:30




Since its beginning, The Restaurant at Clos Malverne has been a popular destination for food and wine enthusiasts.  The popular Winelands destination has developed a devoted following since 2009 for its fresh, seasonal and easy, contemporary cuisine prepared by Executive Chef Brendan and his team of expert chefs.




Shrouded in the misty veils of the Devon Valley, lies the 27 hectares that is Clos Malverne’ s premises.

Clos Malverne practices a careful “handmade” style of winemaking, with minimum interference by the winemaking staff, resulting in elegant wines, which are expressive of their terroir. They are one of only a handful of wineries in the world that remain true to the traditional and time-honoured way of using a Basket Press. Basket pressing is one of the oldest methods of pressing grapes; the Ancient Greeks and Romans developed it, later perfected by the French, Basket presses were one of the earliest styles of a mechanical press, and using a basket press means that it is extremely time consuming the results are soft, elegant wines of great complexity.